Saturday, October 11, 2014

Blog Love: Where I See Fashion

Where I See Fashion is a tumblr blog written by Bianca, a fashion design student from Italy, which I am frequently drawn to. I just thought I would share this blog with you as it is one of my favourites, she matches high fashion images to pictures in nature/life/everything to create beautiful combinations.

"I’m constantly inspired by the beautiful pictures that I find here on tumblr and I’ve always felt like a needed to do something more than just reblog them, I wanted to find a different way to express what I feel. The idea behind this blog came while I was doing image research for a uni project, when by chance I saw two pictures near each other and I suddenly noticed they were related somehow. Since then I couldn’t stop noticing similarities in other pictures all over the Internet, so I decided to organize them by pairing them.. and that’s when I started WISF, in summer 2013. I never thought it would go so far, I gave it the first name that came to my mind!"

You can visit her blog at

My personal favourite

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Blue Fashion

At this very moment in time I have an obsession with the colour blue, and all shades of it if you couldn't already tell from my last inspiration post! (see here) So leading on from that inspiration post, here are a few of my top blue fashion pics.

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(P.s how cute are the pineapple shorts + 20% Student discount hell yes! I also love the simple aesthetic of this website. I only recently discovered it and spend a lot of my time drooling over their collections. )
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Beginning Boutique

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missguided, missguided co uk, missguidedau, blue fashion, womens fashion, lesimplyclassy, samira hoque

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Shakuhachi and Show Pony

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Outfit Post 5

Said awkwardness in previous posts still has yet to cease (see here). As a result of me attempting to look somewhat gangster and Sarah telling me to loosen up a bit, this is what we got.
#dontlookatme #hashtag
In all seriousness though, this is an outfit that I wear quite very often, the purple ombre tee-shirt is one of my faves because of the material it's made from which makes it super lightweight and flowy. The leather jacket is self explanatory (because who doesn't love a bit of leather right?). Leather does strange things to me. And well, black skinny jeans are always a go-to for me. As you may have noticed I also have an acute obsession with crystal bullet necklaces.

Wearing: SES Jacket / Jeanswest Tee / Jeanswest Jeans / Windsor Smith Shoes / enjay82 Necklace (ebay)

Outfit Cost: $31 +($120 if you include shoes)

The shoes, which I have somewhat fallen in love with, are not mine as I cannot afford such beauty and hardcore-ness.

(Jacket $12 - total bargain- Tee on sale for $15, jeans were $24 but I had a giftcard so got for $4, shoes courtesy of Sarah originally $120)

Photography by metalheadanddamsel

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